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The Science of Sales Selection

Successful sales behaviors of otherwise well qualified sales candidates can be predicted to a reasonable degree of accuracy by identifying a sales candidate's
DNA of Sales Success
through our exclusive pre-hiring sales process.

                         "Totally unbiased, non-emotional view of every candidate...
                            enabled us to turn our sales force completely around."
                                                          - Dennis Gillespie
                                                            Vice-President of Sales
                                                            Lintech International

High Producing Salespeople are 'Genetically Different'
They Possess the DNA of Sales Success™

Extensive psychological research, and statistical analysis, reveals that there is something inside highly successful salespeople that is not present in those who aren't as successful.  We refer to this 'genetic difference' as the DNA of Sales Success

"We used to think our fate was in our stars.  Now we know,
in large measure, our fate is in our genes."
James Watson, Nobel Laureate

Science of Sales Selection  pre-hiring assessment of candidates to identify
the presence of DNA of Sales Success can:

  • Identify candidates most likely to prospect for new business,

  • Improve retention by reducing turnover of unsuccessful candidates, and

  • Constrain the potentially enormous costs of hiring mistakes.


The costs of hiring mistakes can be stunning.

Tangible costs of such mistakes can easily run between 200% and 300% of the salesperson's annual earnings.  I have recently had several Human Resource Professionals tell me that the cost of hiring mistakes in their companies are significantly greater than these figures.

Of course, this doesn't include many devastating intangible costs of mistakes in
hiring sales people, such as: 

  • Lost prestige and reputation of the manager in the eyes of company management

  • Lessened credibility and authority in leading the sales force he supervises

  • Lowered self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Increased anxiety and stress and related health risks of the manager

  • Lowered morale within the sales force as other salespeople are held to
    higher standards that non-performing new hires

  • Lost prestige and reputation of the entire sales department in the eyes
    of the rest of the company

  • Lost prestige and reputation of the company in the eyes of customers and
    other influential people in the marketplace

  • Morale and economic boosts for competitors in the marketplace

To begin using our exclusive Science of Sales Selection pre-hiring assessment process immediately, for more information,  contact us.

Advanced Interviewing Techniques Frequently Don't
Identify Successful Candidates

Through good recruiting practices and interviewing techniques, it's relatively
easy for most companies to find sales candidates who can do the job.

Unfortunately, such techniques do not predict whether or not they will actually perform these tasks when and where they need to.  In fact, a study by Michigan State University revealed that interviews are only 17% predictive of how a person
will actually perform on the job.

The challenge, then, is identifying those who will do the job.

"Six weeks after hiring a new salesperson, you don't want
to find yourself asking, 'Who is
this guy?'"
- Mike Stewart, CSP

For FREE White Paper providing extensive discussion of this topic click here

Characteristics of Effective Pre-Employment Assessment Instruments

Assessment instruments used in the pre-employment process for business-to-business salespeople should:

  • Be sales-specific and show consistent statistically significant corrections between quantified test results and measurable units of sales production

  • Be the result of extensive empirical research

  • Not discriminate against protected groups thus posing no compliance issues

  • Support the culture of the company using them for selection

  • Be administered completely on line via the internet

  • Represent a sound financial investment

  • Be provided by an expert consultant or firm devoted exclusively to the
    sales profession
    , with appropriate credentials that include successful
    business-to-business sales experience

             "Highly qualified salespeople who are not performing will make excuses.
                                              This should not be a mystery."
                                                     - Mike Stewart, CSP

To begin using our exclusive Science of Sales Selection  pre-hiring
assessment process immediately, or for more information,
contact us.

Don't be misled by "Personality" (DISC) assessments.

Assessment of 'behavioral style or preferences' is the most common form of
pre-employment testing of sales candidates.  Sales managers and personnel
professionals, as well as the subjects themselves, tend to be enthralled by
the 'accuracy' of such assessments.  They say things such as, "It described
him perfectly," "It was right on," and "Amazing!  That's exactly the way she

These assessments are, indeed, usually very accurate in describing how a
person will do something, which can be very useful in facilitating  communication
and relationships within a sales team.  However, such instruments do not predict
what a person will do when it comes to performing the selling tasks required to develop new business.

              "The assessment of behavioral style (DISC) will not predict success in sales"
                                          - Conclusions of Extensive Research

According to this research, measuring behavioral style is usually not a significant factor in pre-hiring assessment of sales candidates.

"We always find ways to out-dumb ourselves."
- Kari Saragusa, Sales Executive

To begin using our exclusive Science of Sales Selection  pre-hiring
assessment process immediately, or for more information,
contact us.

    For a preliminary assessment of the overall presence and severity of
Reluctance® within your sales organization, and what to do
     about it check our FREE Trouble-Shooter Guide.

Call Reluctance®, SPQ*GOLD®, Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®, Psychscore® are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

                       "We recruited players who were intrinsically motivated.  We weren't
                                    interested in guys we had to 'build a fire under."
                                          - Marv Levy, NHL Hall of Fame Coach

Are your salespeople intrinsically motivated? 

Research studies reveal that 72% of top sales performers are motivated primarily by
a Utilitarian attitude.  This means that they seek to satisfy their passionate desire
for money in a practical and efficient way before they seek to satisfy other, less compelling, motivations.

                                                   "Show me the money!"
                                                      - Cuba Gooding, Jr.
                                                         "Jerry Maguire"

To find out what is, or is not, motivating your salespeople  click here

To learn how to increase their motivation  contact us

For FREE White Paper providing extensive discussion of this topic
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