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Fear-Free Prospecting and
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Overcome Call Reluctance®

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The hesitation to initiate contact with prospective buyers on a consistent daily basis is the single most important reason for the failure of more motivated, goal directed, competent, capable salespeople than anything else in the world.

All the sales development and training programs, personality profiles, automated customer contact systems, fancy brochures, and motivational tapes available are of little value if salespeople don’t call on enough prospects to fill the sales pipeline.


If your sales production is not representative of the potential in your territory, if you hesitate to push for appointments, take the sale to the next level, ask hard probing questions, quote a price and sell value to justify it, close the sale, or ask for referrals, you are showing classic signs of Call Reluctance®  

Sales Managers HR Professionals
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If your sales production is not representative of the potential in your territory, If you hesitate to push for appointments, take the sale to the next level, ask hard probing questions, quote a price and sell value to justify it, close the sale, or ask for referrals, you are showing classic signs of Call Reluctance


"There’s a lot of pain in selling.”
– Mike Stewart , CSP, RCC


Pre/Post Workshop Prospecting Activity


If you’ve been to the workshops, seminars, motivational rallies…read the books…listened to the tapes…sincerely tried and tried again…and are getting the same old unacceptable results, it's time to do something that works!

The Fear Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop®

This is the only program in the world designed exclusively to help salespeople and others contact-dependent professionals overcome the fear of prospecting and self-promotion. This program, developed by Behavioral science Research Press, Inc., is based entirely on more than 25 years of mainstream psychological research and is rated among the best workshops ever attended by corporate executives, sales managers, sales trainers and salespeople, as well as HR Professionals, all over the world including:

     - United States of America    - Germany - New Zealand
     - Canada    - Hong Kong - Singapore
     - United Kingdom    - Italy - South Africa
     - Australia    - Malaysia - Sweden
     - Denmark    - The Netherlands  

If you find yourself making excuses instead of making calls, “putting out fires” instead of prospecting for new business,
putting your energy into direct mail and other forms of indirect  contact, investing in training and self-help materials that don’t produce results, finding your sales lagging behind
the level you feel you are capable of…

It’s time to forget the platitudes, gimmicks and hype
and finally
start earning what you’re worth!

For more specifics and to find out when and where 
our next workshop is scheduled or to bring 
this program to your sales team

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Especially for Sales Managers, HR Professionals, and Trainers

If the money, time and effort you spend on high-dollar sales training, incentive programs, expensive promotional materials, joint sales calls and even the most “up to date” interview techniques are not getting you the results you need to be successful, here is good news!


You can be accredited to present the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop® in your own organization. Because leadership must come
rom within, Mike Stewart strongly advocates that his Clients attend a special workshop and  become accredited in this one-of-a-kind behavior-changing technology. It has been fully validated by pre-post and other research designs.


Your competence in this area will do more than anything else you can do to increase the sale of more new business by preparing you not only to facilitate:

- This workshop for your own sales team and

- The follow-up process of reinforcement and application, and


- Revolutionize your sales candidate selection process to enable you to hire 

    rainmakers, not order takers

- Significantly improve your ability to coach your salespeople to prospect

- Significantly increase your sales management skills

- This special accreditation program will change the way you think about sales

Should you attend the Advanced Accreditation Training Workshop?

Here are just a few of the tell-tale signs that Call Reluctance is a problem:

    Salespeople are --

           -- Attending too many meetings

           -Too busy “putting out fires” to prospect for new business

           -- Making excuses instead of making calls

           -- Staying in their "comfort zones"

           -- In the office instead of in the field

           -- On the computer instead of on the telephone

     The Company is --

           -- Repeatedly restructuring to try to boost profits

           -- Not implementing effective sales training

           -- Making good sales trainers look bad

           -- Putting lots of emphasis on the Corporate Image

           -- Justifying poor sales because of the “Corporate Culture”


     Expensive recruiting and selection procedures yield insufficient results!

If some of this sounds too familiar, now is the time to do something about it.
You can bet that if you don't take action, it will never get any better.

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      The Fear-Free Prospecting Workshop® Materials

  • The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance®
  • Your Own Personalized Personal Prescription Profile™
  • Thought Zapper™
  • New Unethical Self-promoters Spotter's Guide
  • Visibility Management for the New Professional active learning Workbook
  • Bio Scale Card
  • Contact Cards
  • Extensive handouts and support materials
  • and much more...

     Learn More About the Special Advanced Management
Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Accreditation Workshop®


For more specifics and to find out when and where 
our next workshop is scheduled or to bring 
this program to your sales team

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Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author.



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