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Quick Start

Sales Boot Camp


Newly-Hired Salespeople, Veteran Salespeople and Sales Managers/Coaches

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 
To Be Announced

Sales Management Training Workshop


Sales Managers
and Executives

Presented by

Mike Stewart
Atlanta, GA

To Be Announced

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Fear Free Prospecting and
Self Promotion



Sales Managers/Coaches
and HR Professionals

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 

To Be Announced


Call Reluctance®
Advanced Accreditation Training Workshop


Sales Managers/Coaches,

HR Professionals, Trainers, and Recruiters

Dallas, TX 
May 1-3, 2012

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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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Mike Stewart's
   Sales Boot Camp

Next Boot Camp:  Jan. 18-20, 2012  -  Atlanta, GA

"(My salesperson) came back from your Boot Camp just buzzing
with excitement. He suggested a local seminar for
the entire team, especially my veterans."

- Chris Crisman, Guidant Corporation

See Program Outline

If you, or your salespeople, are not selling enough new business to produce the sales results your management expects of you, and ....

You need to sharpen your selling skills and manage your time
and priorities better....

Attending this program may be the biggest no-brainer in your entire sales career!

What would happen if you -

  • Changed the way you manage your territory so you quit calling on the wrong accounts and prospects and concentrated on those that matter most?

  • Got control of your time and your priorities and did more of those things that produce the sales results you are looking for?

  • Used sales techniques that make your prospects want to do business with you, and no one else?

  • Knew how to get your present customers to hand you ready-to-close deals on a silver platter?

  • Could turn killer objections into reasons a prospect should do business with you?

Would you be less of a 'professional visitor' and
more of a proactive sales producer?

Yes!  "Mike...enabled us to turn our sales
force completely around."

-Dennis Gillespie, VP Sales, Lintech International

Who should attend?

  • Salespeople new to your organization

  • Inexperienced salespeople

  • Veteran salespeople seeking new focus and motivation

  • Sales managers who want to become better coaches

Register Now or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

Learn to Sell More New Business in Less Time,
Make More Money, and Have More Fun!

It is a mathematical fact that you must make new sales to meet your goals.

Sales come from three sources:

  • Renewal sales from current customers

  • New sales from current customers, and

  • New sales from new customers

You Do the Numbers!

Can you be successful just by filling orders from your current customers and
gratefully accepting only what they are willing to let you have in sales?
No way!

The only way you can be successful is by selling new business - either by
converting service calls to sales calls or making sales calls on new customers.

Your Sales Goal . . . . . . . . . . . . .    
Less:  Sales from Current Customers . . ()
=  New Sales You Must Have . . . . . . .    

Take a look at where you, or your salespeople, are spending your time.  I'll bet
way too much time is spent calling on your current customers, servicing them
and "building relationships" that, somehow, never turn into the additional new
sales you need desperately to achieve your sales goals.

The result of this misdirection of effort and misallocation of time is simply this:

Bad things happen when you aren't selling enough NEW BUSINESS
to meet the sales expectations of your company.

  • If you are a manager, you are disappointed in the performance of your team
  • If you are a salesperson, you are disappointed in your own performance
  • Your management team is disappointed in you
  • Your self-esteem and pride may be suffering, and
  • You aren't making the money that is within your reach

egister Now
or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022


It's time to make some good things happen!

You Can Meet or Exceed The Sales Expectations of Your Company and
enjoy the Reputation and Benefits that Go with High Performance!

"I have seen immediate results in my sales numbers.  Your help with
closing sales and making cold calls has helped me tremendously
to become a successful salesman in a very competitive
territory.  Thanks again!"

- Shea Barber, American Midwest Distribution

This exciting 2-1/2 day experiential workshop (active participation) is focused
on sales and self-motivation skills designed help you prospect for and sell
New Business.

All materials are provided, including:

 1.  "Customer-Centered Value Selling"  Educational workbook - value: $55
2.  "Close More Sales!  Persuasion Skills that Boost your Selling Power" textbook
          - value: $17.95
     3.  Communications Style Analysis (DISC) assessment - value: $85
     4.  Pre-workshop questionnaire; case studies, and other educational material

Training venue is a business class hotel at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 

Continental breakfast is provided for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.  Lunch is provided for Day 1 and Day 2.

Special sleeping room-rates will be offered when available.

Dress is business casual.

Hours:  Days 1 and 2 - 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM plus homework; Day 3 - 8:30 AM
until 12:30 PM.

Come prepared to work hard!  This intense, high-energy, challenging workshop
is personally conducted by Mike Stewart who was accused at a recent Boot Camp
of being a Slave Driver!

Investment for Open-Enrollment Boot Camp

$ 1,495 per participant -- single registration

$ 1,395 each -- additional registrations same company

Terms and Conditions:  Registration fees must be paid in advance.  Fees are
non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend the Boot Camp you have purchased,
you may send someone else from your organization in your place or attend the next scheduled Boot Camp.

Assessment instruments and pre-workshop questionnaires are to be completed
prior to the workshop.

Register Now or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

Learn and Apply Sales Secrets Shared by Top
Salespeople Who are Not Working As
Hard But are More Successful
than Most Others!

"Raised my sales skills to a higher level!  Mike helped me utilize skills
that I didn't know existed.  I have seen significant change
in my sales approach, and in my attitude as well."

- Drew Hurst, Rineco Chemical Industries, Inc.


Program Outline

How Success is defined in Sales
  What to Expect from This Program
  Personal Objectives and Commitments to Learning and Follow-up

Time Management
  Time Allocation Assessment
  Prioritize the Use of Your Time
  Getting Things Done That Matter

Sales Planning and Prospecting
  Analyze Your Situation

  Account and Prospect Segmentation and Prioritization

  Territory Management Action Plan

  Call Frequency Analysis

Understanding and Influencing Buyer Behavior
  The Four Dimensions of Behavior

  Determining the Styles of Others

  Red Flag Limitations When People are Under Stress

  Face-to-Face Selling Strategies

  Action Plan for Improving Personal Effectiveness 

Managing the Value Selling Process

  Getting Appointments That Lead to More Sales Calls

  Pre-Call Planning to Make Every Sales Call Count

  Opening a Successful Sales Call

  Getting Your Buyer Involved in the Sales Process

  The Prospect's Decision to Buy

  Developing Value Through Strategic Discovery

  Powerful Presentations That Build Value

  Dealing Professionally with Objections

  Closing Like a Pro


  Review Actions for Commitment

  Coordination with Management





Until you change what you are doing,
you will never see the better results
you are hoping to achieve

Hope has never been a winning strategy!

If you, or your salespeople, are not selling enough new business to produce
the sales results your management expects of you and . . .

You need to sharpen your selling skills and manage your priorities better . . .

This Sales Boot Camp will be the next step in your winning strategy for
greater sales success!

Register Now or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

Listen to what others have had to say about our Boot Camp

Mike's real gift is in presenting the selling information in a way that allowed
our company...to move forward.

- Nick Grisafe, Bayer Environmental Science

I must tell you that going into your class I was a real skeptic.  You turned a
skeptic into a believer and provided me with new ideas to rekindle the flame.

- Wayne Bagwell, Progressive Turf (15 Year Sales Veteran)

Made me think differently about what motivates the buying decision.
- Dan Meek, Bayer Environmental Science

Refresh & re-think the way I am perceived by my customers.
- John Fortino, Bayer Environmental Science

Interacting with other people is a great learning tool for me.  I enjoyed
'simulating' what you are teaching.

- Jim Madden, Econolite

(Mike taught me to) shut up & listen to what the customer really wants
or needs, & act on it.

Judy Wanner, Bayer Environmental Science


Bring the Boot Camp On-Site to Your Organization

Mike can bring the Quick-Start Back-to-Basics Sales Boot Camp on-site to your organization.  With your help he will customize the content and delivery to your
needs and help you develop a follow up program to insure that the material is reinforced and applied.

In addition, Mike offers The Personal Mastery Coaching Program, and further training interventions, to help you provide more in-depth follow up to create behavioral changes and accountability that will insure a greater return on your investment.

"I certainly had an eye opening experience. 
Thanks again for an invigorating two and a half days."
- Andrea Ferguson, The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, Ltd.


Investment for 2 1/2 Day On-Site Boot Camp

Presentation Fee $12,500 plus $125 Student Fee per participant.

Plus travel and expenses.

For more information and to book this program click:


Or call 1-770-512-0022


Registration Form

      Copy and paste this page into Word and Fax it to Stewart & Stewart at 770-671-0023

            Mike Stewart’s Quick-Start Back to Basics
                                Sales Boot Camp™

_______  January 18-20, 2012           

Times:  8:30  –  6:00 (Day 1)         
8:30  –  6:00 (Day 2)         
             8:30  –  1:00 (Day 3)         


Marriott Atlanta Airport
4711 Best Road
Atlanta,  GA 30337

Phone:  404-766-7900
Reservations: 1-800-228-9290


Please reserve ___ seat(s) for the Sales Workshop at:  US$1,495 - for one person
US$1,395 - for each additional registration
                                                                                                 for same company


                                                                                           Total $ _________________   


Paying by:  __________ Check – Please Invoice Me!
  __________ American Express, VISA, Master Card

Card #: _____________________________ Expiration: _______________
           (Note:  Seats are not reserved until payment is received)


Name:  __________________________________________ Title:  ______________________

Organization:  __________________________________ Industry:  _____________________

Address:   ___________________________________________________________________

City:  ________________________________ State:  ____________   Zip:  ______________

Phone:  _______________________________ Today’s Date: _________________________

E-mail address:  _____________________________________________________________

     Accommodations are not included in the registration fee and are the responsibility of the
     participant.  We recommend you stay at the hotel in which the workshop is held.

Registration fees are transferable, not refundable


The Quick-Start Sales Book Camp™ is a

Break Away™ Personal Performance and Life Enrichment Resource

from Stewart & Stewart, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 by Stewart & Stewart, Inc.

All rights reserved

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Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author.


You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
 Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
 Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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