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Sales Boot Camp


Newly-Hired Salespeople, Veteran Salespeople and Sales Managers/Coaches

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 
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Sales Management Training Workshop


Sales Managers
and Executives

Presented by

Mike Stewart
Atlanta, GA

To Be Announced

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Fear Free Prospecting and
Self Promotion



Sales Managers/Coaches
and HR Professionals

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 

To Be Announced


Call Reluctance®
Advanced Accreditation Training Workshop


Sales Managers/Coaches,

HR Professionals, Trainers, and Recruiters

Dallas, TX 
May 1-3, 2012

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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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Can You Achieve Sustainable
Behavioral Change Through
Focused Training?

Yes You Can! "Today, two years later, my staff
is still referring to your course as the best training
they ever had....Sales increased 28% last year!"

- Thomas McCoy, VP Cybex 


Sales teams receive sales training, management training, value-selling training, fear-free prospecting training and learning to manage change  

Sales Skills, Management and Motivation

Training and Development Programs

Good performers can become better performers.  Some have the potential to become great performers.  The difference is often the quality of training they receive, coupled with determined follow up.

Unique Programs...More than 16 Years...More than 1,500 Presentations... representing thousands of salespeople and sales managers from around
the world.

Our unique training programs have proven track records of producing results for more than 15 years with more than 100 clients representing thousands of salespeople and sales managers from around the world.

We want our participants leave every session with improved skills and greater will to succeed.

"I've felt the same excitement and motivation I felt 15 years ago..."
- Alex Navarro, Ben Sherman, USA


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Here's How You Get Sustainable Behavioral Change

Our exclusive thirteen-week seven step Cumulative Impact sales performance development process begins with a professional assessment of your team's needs using a battery of proven sales performance assessment instruments. These scientifically validated instruments measure motivation, goal direction, Call Reluctance®, and sales skills.

Although most professional training generally is advertised to include Assessment, Design, and Delivery, the "assessment" phase is often fatally flawed. As a result, the training is based on processes that do not produce desired results. You may be surprised to learn that conventional wisdom about the assessment of salespeople is wrong. Learn More

In order to produce lasting, sustainable change the processes we offer include the following seven steps:

1 > Assessment 
2 > Design 
3 > Delivery 
4 > Reinforcement 
5 > Application 
6 > Accountability 
> Behavior Change

Regardless of the area of sales and management training and development you are interested in, we would like to talk seriously with you about what you have at stake and your objectives, time frames, and budget.

"Mike's real gift is in presenting the selling information in a way that
allowed our company to formulate a plan to move forward."
Nick Grisafe, MBA, Field Sales Rep., Bayer Environmental Science

Contact Us About Your Professional Development, Sales and Management Training Needs

Whatever your situation may be, we encourage you to carefully consider opportunities you have to make a lasting impact on the performance of your organization, as well as your own career and personal success.  

We will be your advocate and always do our best to insure that you make the training and development choice that is right for you given your specific situation.

We offer interactive programs designed to help our participants learn by hearing, seeing doing and sharing.  Our objective for every engagement is to conduct an event that is both mentally enlightening and emotionally motivating.  


"The best money we ever spent!" 
- Gene Harless, Chapman Drug Co.


Professional Development Programs                                         
  • The Urgency Factor
    - Successful Self-Management Behaviors
    - The Behavioral/Value Equation
    - Flow: Where High Achievers Operate
    - Setting and Achieving Meaningful Goals
    - Awareness: Focus and Concentration
    - Flow: Operating in The Zone
    - Program Based on Manager's Targets

    - Personal Energy/Tension Grids
  • Supercharge Your Persuasive Power

    How you present yourself to others directly affects your day-to-day success.  To gain understanding, cooperation, support, and commitment from others, you need to understand what makes them tick and why they behave as they do.  Only then can you purposefully adapt your own behavior to interact most persuasively with them.

It is critical to help employees learn to manage change within every organization that desires to be competitive. Unless progressive reorganization initiatives and aggressive sales strategies are embraced by those charged with implementing them, growth and profitability will be severely limited.


  • Personal Mastery Executive Coaching
    If you can't afford to wait four or five years to move your career and your life to a higher level, Mike will work with you to create a program just for you, specifically designed to achieve your goals.

                     "I have accomplished more personally, regarding my career,
                                    in the past few months working with Mike than I
                                          have accomplished in my entire career."

           - Randy N. Waldman, Vice President, Sales
                                                                                   Lintech International


                                              For maximum results from your training, see
"Cumulative Impact"  Process above

Sales Training Programs                                         

  • Customer-Centered Value Selling™
    - Identifying and Selling Target Accounts
    - Following Up / Managing Business Through the Sales Funnel
    - Drilling Deep - Discovering Customer's Needs
    - Powerful Presentations Persuade Prospects to Buy
    - Handling Objections and Closing 
    - Other Specialized Topics

Small Sales Teams

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  • Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®

    The hesitation to initiate contact with prospective buyers on a consistent daily basis is the single most important reason for the failure of more motivated, goal directed, competent, capable salespeople than anything else in the world.


  • Quick-Start Back-to-Basics Sales Boot Camp

    This 2-1/2 day experiential (active audience participation) workshop teaches and encourages retention and application of fundamental selling skills through lecture, example, storytelling, visual stimulation, practical exercises, homework assignments and role-playing. It is centered on our core message.

Call Reluctance®, SPQ*GOLD®, Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®, Psychscore® are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Management Development Programs

  • Hiring High Performance Salespeople and Starting Them Off Right

  •           - Evaluate your marketplace and locate your best opportunities
              - Develop common sense goals in this difficult and challenging time
              - Reposition yourself as a team-building leader within your company
              - Improve your communication skills to motivate others
              - Produce a practical new business development plan
              - Create a motivational environment for your sales team
              - Provide inspirational and purposeful supervision and leadership
              - Dramatically change your outcomes!


  • Managing Your Distribution Network

  •         Sales and Marketing executives/managers learn to build and maintain strong
            distribution channels.  This program is an excellent extension of the
            High-Impact Sales Management
    training program

    Unlock Your Full Potential Now


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    Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
    Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
    Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
    Sales Consultant, Author.



    You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
    Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
    Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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