"Through Call Reluctance Assessments, Sales Training, Management Training, and Consulting, Mike Stewart enabled my team to
 close  more than $35,000,000 in new annual sales revenue." -   Tim Matthews, Vice President, Overhead Door Corporation

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Sales Boot Camp


Newly-Hired Salespeople, Veteran Salespeople and Sales Managers/Coaches

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Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 
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Sales Management Training Workshop


Sales Managers
and Executives

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Mike Stewart
Atlanta, GA

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Fear Free Prospecting and
Self Promotion



Sales Managers/Coaches
and HR Professionals

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 

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Call Reluctance®
Advanced Accreditation Training Workshop


Sales Managers/Coaches,

HR Professionals, Trainers, and Recruiters

Dallas, TX 
May 1-3, 2012

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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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Motivating High Performance!

"Peak performance is more about passion 
than it is about understanding."
        - Mike Stewart, CSP

High producing salespeople choose to feel the passion that drives them to achieve success. 

It is not enough to intellectually understand the reasons why you need to make more calls, qualify more suspects and add more prospects to your pipeline. Nor is it enough to  understand that you need to sharpen and apply your sales skills, and persist in following up prospects to close more sales. 

Understanding the how's and why's is of little value if you lack the passion to take the action required to succeed. 

Motivation is a choice. It is choosing a passion for achievement!

"Everything begins with attitude!"
- Mike Stewart, CSP

Engage and inspire your team to choose a motivated attitude focused on success with these inspirational and life-changing resources.

"As always, thanks for the reality check. You will
never realize what you have done for me."
- Sara Porter, Stockhausen

"Mike, as I read this month's Sales Booster
on 'Passion', it reminded me to look back on
this year and see that I met most of my goals. One of the reasons I met these goals is due to your  Sales Boosters. Thank you for doing what you do." 
- Roger King, Sherry Laboratories

"Thanks for your encouragement. In fact,
your e-mail was on the money for me today.     
- Al Turner, BostikFindley-US

"Mike, as always - it was a great read
- Jeff Durkee, Regal Lager, Co.

Thanks again for all of the insight and motivation. The article 'Time To Grow Up Again' has come at quite an opportune moment as I find myself blaming the company for a current situation which has affected my income adversely, instead of
accepting the situation and working hard to get around it." 
Thanks a million! 


Learn more about sales,  management,  motivation and communications, and
kick-start your ATTITUDE twice a month. Our popular E-zine is provided to

our subscribers FREE of charge. Special educational bonus included.
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"Your e-zines have helped put things into perspective for me. One of the most
important things I have gleaned from the 11 months of contact with
you has been the importance of creativity in motivation."
- Tom Rooney, Elantec


Motivational Sales Training,
Programs and Speeches

"...You really touched me as a very caring person. It was only a 3-day seminar and in that short time you made me feel so good to be alive."   - John Leyo, Applied Industrial Technologies

"Your spirit sings and dances...you invite us to share in your joy. You are a natural storyteller and invite each of us to experience the richness of life. I thank you for the course, but more than that I appreciate and thank you for who you are."  
- John Brunner, Klipsch

Learn About Our Programs and Presentations

"Mike is an enjoyable speaker and educator. His approach is disarming 
and he has a wonderful way of engaging his audience." 
– Joe Giovino, Lee Marketing


Seeds of Sales Success™

Motivational Posters

Action oriented 8½ x 11 posters presenting practical sales tips as motivational sayings by Mike Stewart that help create a positive attitude and desire to succeed.


Three series of 12 Posters each - Commitment, Courage, Leadership

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"I don't see many salespeople who are over-trained 
or suffering from too much motivation."
- Mike Stewart, CSP


"You'll never be a hot dog if you think like a weenie."
- Mike Stewart, CSP




Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author


You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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