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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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Close More Sales!
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Close More Sales!
Persuasion Skills
That Boost Your Selling Power



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Training Textbook / Self-Development

Close More Sales! Persuasion Skills That Boost Your Selling Power
by Mike Stewart

Trade paper back, 250 pp
Amacom, New York
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What other sales managers and sales executives say - “..a real-life practical handbook…a powerful sales tool…right on target with its sensible approach…a must-read…if you read only one book on sales training, this is it!”

"I use Close More Sales! as a textbook in most of my sales performance development workshops...It is a wonderful, appropriate gift for every salesperson and will help move their sales performance to the next level."
– Mike Stewart, CSP


Editorial Review
The Midwest Book Club
Whether you're new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is a treasure.

Product Description:
What does it take to close more sales? It takes the skills and knowledge to quit making the same mistakes over and over--like failing to ask good questions or presenting desirable solutions or handling objections or making the customer feel comfortable.

As a professional sales trainer, Mike Stewart has targeted the most rampant selling errors. And he's developed a set of practical guidelines for overcoming the problems and achieving sales success. With a focus on real-life problems and solutions, the book teaches business-to-business salespeople how to:

* incorporate hard-driving closing strategies into softer, consultative selling techniques * use a customer-centered approach to identify and sell what the customer values * master the sales process--from properly planning to actively listening to asking for the sale * eliminate the crippling effect of fear by building confidence and expertise.

About Close More Sales!

Most salespeople don’t like to be told how to sell or, especially given a required ‘system’ to follow. This book doesn’t do that. Instead, teaches proven principles, not rules and regulations. It is written in language today’s salespeople understand and appreciate. 

Regardless of your level of experience, you will undoubtedly learn something new from this book. However, it is also about helping you remember things you already know but may not be using to close more sales – to help you become more sensitive to skills and techniques you need to re-focus on and help you put them into action

The material in this book is:
-         Practical, time-tested, and proven to be effective.
-         Concise, to the point, easy to read, and easy to apply.
-         Organized in a logical manner that follows the natural sales process and makes
       invaluable information quick and easy to find.

As busy as we are, salespeople are always looking for shortcuts to success and ways to work smarter, not harder. If there is such a thing as a shortcut to success, this book will help you find it. It will certainly help you work smarter. It will help you close more sales quicker and easier by reminding you of the things you know you should be doing and helping you develop the skills to do them better.

Despite the fact that you understand the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Simple, Simon - chances are your life is pretty complicated. And chances are you are seeing many of the same trends in sales that I am, which continue to make things even more complicated:

Less brand loyalty
Buyers who are finding it harder to differentiate between products
  o       Buyers who are better educated and higher skilled than they have been
        in the past

The need to customize many transactions
Having to sell more with fewer resources to customers who want to buy
        more for less

Pressure to shorten sales cycles when sales cycles are often becoming

More "hurry up and wait" pressure within the sales cycle
More people involved in the buying process; more "decision by committee"
The need to sell the concept before the product can be sold
"Value Added" has become almost a cliché
Everybody wants a deal
Technology is advancing at warp speed
Major paradigm shifts are continuing to change the way we do business   

As adults, we choose what we learn, who we learn it from, and how we will use what we have learned. This book enables you to do just that. You can pick out the topics you feel you need to improve, work on them at your own pace, and apply your insight as you see fit. 

You will keep coming back to this book to refresh your memory about something, get a different viewpoint on how to deal with a particular situation, get a new perspective, or just to get fired up.

It will continue to help you close more sales by being the best you can be while still being yourself and doing what is most comfortable for you.


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Mike Stewart is a Certified Speaking Professional and Registered Corporate Coach.
Our Associates are highly qualified, as well.


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