"Through Call Reluctance Assessments, Sales and Management Training, and Consulting, Mike Stewart enabled my team to close 
more than $35,000,000 in new annual sales revenue." -  Tim Matthews, Vice President, Overhead Door Corporation

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Quick Start

Sales Boot Camp


Newly-Hired Salespeople, Veteran Salespeople and Sales Managers/Coaches

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 
To Be Announced

Sales Management Training Workshop


Sales Managers
and Executives

Presented by

Mike Stewart
Atlanta, GA

To Be Announced

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Fear Free Prospecting and
Self Promotion



Sales Managers/Coaches
and HR Professionals

Presented by

Mike Stewart

Atlanta, GA 

To Be Announced


Call Reluctance®
Advanced Accreditation Training Workshop


Sales Managers/Coaches,

HR Professionals, Trainers, and Recruiters

Dallas, TX 
May 1-3, 2012

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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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High Impact

Sales Management
lLeadership Intensive


Note:  Limited to 5 participants per program

How to Develop a High Producing
Sales Team in an
Economically Challenged Market


See Program Outline


"My take away from the sales management training I went through with
you several years ago:  It worked!  The results were exponential. Six
months later I was heading up our largest sales force.  Last year
 our group posted our largest sales profits ever.

- Kevin Thimmesch, Compass Minerals Group-North American Salt Company 


If your salespeople are not selling enough new business to produce the sales results you should be getting from them, and ....

If you need to sharpen your management and leadership skills in order to develop a highly motivated, seriously goal directed winning team of high producers....

Attending this acclaimed workshop may be the best decision you will make in your entire Management career!

"This program changed my life!"
- Joe Sebeck, Director, Siemens

What would happen if you -

  • Had salespeople who spent their time performing sales-producing activities instead of being stuck in their Comfort Zones wasting their time on activities that didn't produce new sales?

  • Created a motivational environment where people were excited about their achievements and the possibilities that were open to them?

  • Based your sales operations on sound planning using strict standards of performance?

  • Held your salespeople accountable while encouraging and rewarding high performance and productivity?

  • Turned your group of order-takers into a winning team of passionate rain-makers?

Would you begin to receive the recognition and respect you truly deserve
and come closer to really earning what you are worth?                                                                     

"Yes!  You are the one who helped start all of this!
  I am forever thankful for your training
My new job is awesome!
- Sara Porter
                             Business Development Manager
                    Eclipse Film Technologies

Who should attend?

  • Veteran Sales Managers seeking new focus and motivation

  • Sales Managers new to your organization

  • Newly promoted Sales Managers

  • Sales Managers who are sick and tired of babysitting non-productive salespeople - and who want to find a better way to get results

Register Now or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

Learn to Get More Done Through Others, Make
More Money, and Enjoy Your Career More!

It is a mathematical fact that your salespeople must make new sales if you are to meet your goals.

Can your salespeople, be successful just by filling orders from their current
customers and gratefully accepting only what their customers are willing to let
them have in sales?
No way!

The only way you can be successful is if your salespeople are selling new business - either by converting service calls into sales calls or making sales calls on new customers.

Take a look at where your salespeople are spending their time.  I'll bet they spend
way too much time calling on your current customers, "servicing" them
and "building relationships" that, somehow, never turn into the additional new
sales you need desperately to achieve your sales goals.

As a result

  • You are disappointed in your team

  • Management is disappointed in you

  • Your self-esteem and pride are probably suffering

  • Your opportunities for promotion are getting smaller and smaller

  • Your career objectives are becoming less likely year after year, and

  • You aren't making the money that is within your reach now, and you surely won't be earning what you're worth in the future.

How long has this been going on?

Isn't it time for you to take control and make some good things happen?

egister Now
or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

You Can Meet or Exceed The Sales Expectations of
Your Company and enjoy the Reputation and
Rewards that Go with High Performance!

This exciting 2-1/2 day experiential (active participation) workshop is focused on streamlining your sales force by removing dead wood where necessary and performing the practical, proven managerial and leadership activities that have led to success for literally hundreds of Sales Managers.

"Your leadership and passion made a strong impression.
I am SO ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead!"

- Alice Dickerson
                   Sales and Marketing Manage
Vitro America

Materials and meals are provided including: 
 1.  "High-Impact Sales Management" Educational workbook
2.  "Close More Sales!  Persuasion Skills that Boost your Selling Power" textbook
     3.  Communications Style Analysis (DISC) assessment
     4.  Workplace Motivators (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values) assessment
     5.  Pre-workshop questionnaire; case studies, and other educational material
     6.  Breakfast, Breaks and Lunch
Training venue is a business class hotel at the local airport.  Breakfast is
provided for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.  Lunch is provided for Day 1 and Day 2.
Special sleeping room-rates will be offered when available.

Dress is business casual.

Hours:  Days 1 and 2 - 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM plus homework;
            Day 3 - 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM.

Come prepared to work hard!  This intense, high-energy, challenging workshop
is personally conducted by Mike Stewart who was accused at a recent Boot Camp
of being a Slave Driver!

Investment for Open-Enrollment Sales Management Workshop

$ 2,195 per participant -- single registration

$ 2,095 each -- additional registrations same company

Terms and Conditions: 
Registration fees must be paid in advance.  Fees are non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend the Sales Management Workshop you have purchased, you may send someone else in your place or attend the next scheduled High Impact Sales Management Workshop.

Assessment instruments and pre-workshop questionnaires are to be completed prior to the workshop.

Register Now or for more information click:
Info@MikeStewartSeminars.com or
Call 1-770-512-0022

Learn and Apply the Sales Management Secrets Shared by
Top Sales Managers Who are Not Working As Hard
But are More Successful than Most Others!


Program Outline

  How Success is defined in Sales Management
  How to Achieve Your Personal Goals through This Program
  Personal Objectives and Commitments to learning and Follow-up

Sales Managers' Roles and Responsibilities
Major Responsibilities
  Scope of Activities
  My Sales Team
  Keys to Managerial and Leadership Success

Communicate to Influence the Behaviors of Others
Understand the Behavioral Needs of Others
  Adapt Your Personal Behaviors to Connect to Others
  Action Plan to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Repositioning Yourself to Win
Creating and Exploiting Your Own Personal Brand
Your Sales Team's Vision and Mission
Connecting Positively with Management
  From Turf Wars to Successful Inter-relationships
Territory Analysis, Planning and Development
  Analyze Your Situation
  Account and Prospect Segmentation and Prioritization
  Call Frequency Analysis
  Time and Territory Management
  Managing New Business Development

Creating a Motivational Environment for Your Sales Team
  Setting and communicating Goals and Expectations
  Establishing Standards of Performance
  Objective/Critical Performance Appraisals
  Principles of Compensation and Reward
  Motivating Each Salesperson Individually

Coaching and Counseling
  Fundamentals of Coaching and Counseling
  Expectations and Preparation for Joint Call Activities
  Conducting and Debriefing Joint Calls
  Assessing and Follow Through of Joint Call Activities

  Review Actions for Commitment
  Coordination with Management

Until you change what you or your team are doing
You will never see the better results
You are hoping to achieve

Hope has never been a winning strategy!

Bring the High Impact Sales Management Leadership Workshop On-Site to Your Organization. 

With your help Mike will customize the content and delivery to your needs and help you develop a follow up program to insure that the material is reinforced and applied.

For More Information and to schedule this program click:
Or call 1-770-512-0022

Follow Up to Insure Success!

In addition, Mike offers the Personal Mastery Coaching Program, and further training interventions, to help you provide more in-depth follow up to create behavioral changes and accountability that will insure a greater return on your investment.

"I have accomplished more personally, regarding my career,
in the past few months working with Mike than I have
accomplished in my entire career."

- Randy N. Waldman
    Vice President Sales
     Lintech International

                               Registration Form

      Copy and paste this page into Word and Fax it to Stewart & Stewart at 770-671-0023

  Mike Stewart’s High-Impact Sales Management
    Leadership Intensive Mini-Conference™

Note:  Limited to 5 participants per program.

          Sept. 21-23, 2011

Times:   8:30  –  6:00 (Day 1)
8:30  –  6:00 (Day 2)
                8:30  –  1:00 (Day 3)


Marriott Atlanta Airport Hotel
4711 Best Road
Atlanta, GA 30337

Phone:  404-766-7900
Reservations: 800-228-9290


Please reserve ___ seat(s) for the Workshop at: US$2,195 - for one person                                                                       US$2,095 - for each additional registration
                                                                                       for same company
                                                                      Total $ ______________________________


                Paying by: __________ Check - Please Invoice Me!

                                          __________ American Express, Visa, MasterCard

                        Card#: _______________________________  Expiration: _____

                                (Note:  Seats are not reserved until payment is received)

Name:  __________________________________________ Title:  ______________________

Organization:  __________________________________ Industry:  _____________________

Address:   ___________________________________________________________________

City:  ________________________________ State:  ____________   Zip:  ______________

Phone:  _______________________________ Today’s Date: _________________________

    E-mail address:  ____________________________________________________

     Accommodations are not included in the registration fee and are the responsibility of the
     participant.  We recommend you stay at the hotel in which the workshop is held.

Registration fees are transferable, not refundable.

Copyright © 2010 by Stewart & Stewart, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author.


You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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