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Professional Online
Sales Assessments

to help you hire, develop, and retain
High-Impact Sales People.

Identify high performance sales candidates


The Science of Sales Selection™ is the only scientifically validated sales process of it's kind in the world.  

Hiring decisions can make or break your career.  Hire with confidence.

One size sales assessments don’t fit everyone
"Look! We're all alike!"

                 Way too many consultants are using
                    the same "Me, Too" assessments

    Many Consultants today assessments that are
    designed for general application.  Very few of these
    assessments are specifically created for sales
    applications, and very few consultants are truly
    experts in sales candidate selection.


                Our Assessment Battery and
               Experience Truly Set Us Apart!

Our Science of Sales Selection™ Pre-Hiring and Performance Development Assessment process is completely unique.  No one else anywhere offers this combination of experience and assessments that enable you to determine:

The only sales assessment process like this in the world

"Totally unique! Results!" 

     •  The best personality characteristics for the job
     •  The actual personality characteristics of your candidate
     •  The presence and severity of Call Reluctance® in your candidate
     •  How much your candidate knows about selling   
     •  Your candidate's personal interests, attitudes and values that lead
         toward or away from sales

This unique battery of assessment instruments has been assembled based
on our more than 30 years' experience in employment consulting using sales
assessment instruments.  It allows you to select blue-chip
sales candidates whose
behaviors match the sales position, who know
and understand the consultative sales process, and who possess the
right DNA of Sales Success
™. These are the candidates who are most likely
to become high producers for you.

Science of Sales Selection

.                                   A s s e s s m e n t   B a t t e r i e s



Assessment Battery
DNA of Sales Success™
Assessment Battery
Sales DNA & Styles
Assessment Battery
Sales DNA, Styles & Skills
 Call Reluctance Scale® Included Included Included
  Workplace Motivators Included Included Included
  DISC Personality Styles ----- Included Included
  Sales Skills Index ----- ----- Included

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All of our assessments are completely prepared via the internet online
with the results coming directly to you by email.

  • Your candidate or employee simply completes the response form on their
    own computer, usually in a matter of minutes.

  • Turnaround is completed and reports are received by you within minutes
    from the time the response form is submitted over the internet.

  • You have complete control with your private response link and individual password
    for every assessment instrument you use.

  • We offer a variety of sales assessments that are appropriate to many situations,
    including sales pre-hire test, sales management tests and
    sales ability tests. We will consult with you, at no charge, to determine
    the assessments that best meet your needs.

  • Your investment in our sales assessment reports includes debriefing by telephone.  Consulting is also available to guide you in taking needed
    corrective action.

  • In addition, we offer training and accreditation that will enable selected
    people in your organization to debrief the assessments and provide
    training and coaching in order to implement the actions indicated.

  • To learn how to get started using these field tested, proven,
    results-oriented assessments, or just for more information,
    contact us.


On-Line Performance Assessments
To Help You Grow Your Sales

Call Reluctance Scale
® ___________________________ ____

The single characteristic shared by the most successful salespeople is simply this: They
initiate contact with prospective buyers in greater numbers than those who are not as successful.  SPQ*GOLD
® measures hesitation to initiate contact with prospective buyers
in sufficient numbers to be successful.

Hire candidates who will make sales calls instead of making excuses.
Correct the prospecting behaviors of your current salespeople.
These are also excellent predictive sales management tests.

The SPQ*GOLD Call Reluctance Scale® consists of three Reports that aid in the
understanding of this assessment.  Please click on each of the following links to
view the reports.

SPQ*GOLD® Sample Report
SPQ*GOLD® Sample Assist Report
SPQ*GOLD® Sample Graphical Summary Report

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"If a person is not performing as expected, it is probably
because they have been miscast for the job.

- W. Edward Demming

DISC for Sales Professionals____________________________

Improve morale, performance, and retention by matching people to jobs.  Establish 'ideal' behavioral style characteristics as selection considerations.

The requirements of every sales job are not the same. Some require forceful assertiveness, others demand strong people skills, some need a high level of
patience, or great attention to details. Most sales jobs need a combination of
these personality traits.

The DISC for Sales Professionals Report gives you a complete picture of on the
job behaviors you can expect from every sales candidate.

See Sample DISC-SALES Report

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What Characteristics Are You Really Looking For?

By completing the Work Environment Profile for your sales position, you create accurate style  descriptions of your ideal sales candidate.  This profile is a vital part of the DISC for Sales Professionals selection process and is included at no extra fee.

The work environment for most jobs can best be described in terms of behaviors.  If the job could talk, what behavioral characteristics would it ask for?  When you match behavioral style to the job,  the person is at their best in that job.  When they do not, tension may affect job performance and retention.

Identify candidates who possess the ideal combination of personality
traits you are seeking.

The DISC-SALES Report provides the basic foundation for identifying sales candidates' behavioral style and training salespeople to make quality sales calls.

See Sample Work Environment Report


Note:  DISC Assessments are available for other positions.  Click Here

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Workplace Motivators (PIAV) _________________________

A high level of motivational energy is one thing; what a person is motivated to do
is another.  Current research in the United States and Europe shows clearly that
high performers share one common internal motivator - a strong Utilitarian attitude.  Statistically. those with strong Utilitarian attitude make lots of sales and those without it don't, unless they receive special incentive.

Hire candidates who are genuinely motivated to sell.
Learn special techniques to motivate your current salespeople.

See Sample Report

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 Sales Strategy Index - (Sales Skills Assessment)  ___________

Sales ability tests that reveal the sales skill levels of your sales candidates. 
Focus your training and coaching where they are needed.  By comparing
assessment responses with those of proven high achievers, this report reveals
sales skill strengths and areas for improvement.

See Sample Sales Ability Tests Report

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             ~~~~~ Additional Assessment Reports ~~~~~


360 Assessment - Multi-Rater Appraisal (MRA)_____________

Meaningful appraisal feedback that results in positive behavior change.
These surveys can be customized to your specific needs.

The ultimate appraisal process.
People are rated anonymously by peers, associates, and subordinates of their own choosing, which produces results with maximum credibility.

Traditional appraisals often do not result in changed behavior because the subject
will not accept (believe) the rater's scoring.  When people they respect and trust, who are perceived to be friends, tell them the truth, they believe it, and act on it!

Improve attitude, performance, and retention when people truly but in.
Increase levels of trust, respect, morale and productivity within your group.

See Sample Report - 360 Multi-Rater Appraisal Mean Score
See Sample Report - 360 Multi-Rater Appraisal Organizational Mean Score

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DISC Assessments for Other Positions____________________

The requirements of every job are not the same.  For example, the ideal traits
for an executive position are very different from those required for a technical representative.  The person you are looking for in an administrative capacity
might differ greatly from a person you would want to hire to do customer service.

Some positions require forceful assertiveness, others demand strong people skills, some need a high level of patience, or great attention to details. Most jobs need
a combination of these personality traits.

This unique report can be customized so that you can use it to identify the
desirable traits of people suited to virtually any position you are trying to fill.

∙  Executive ∙  Executive Assistant
∙  Director  ∙  Administrative
∙  Manager ∙  Customer Service
∙  Support ∙  Technical
∙  Finance ∙  Marketing
∙  Accounting ∙  and Others

∙  Sales - To Learn More
Click Here

By completing the Work Environment Profile for your position, you create accurate style  descriptions of your ideal candidate.  There is no additional fee for this profile.

There's lots more valuable information to help you in assessing each candidate as
you can readily see in the Sample DISC Reports that follow:  Manager/Staff version and Executive version.

Identify candidates who possess the ideal combination of traits you are seeking.

DISC - Management/Staff Version ____________________

Understanding and adapting to the behavioral preferences of others is critical to relationships.  Associates who are highly qualified in every other way still need to understand and accept the company culture and relational environment in order
for your organization to function effectively and efficiently.

Hire new employees who will fit in and be part of your team.
Train your current employees to communicate better with others.

See Sample Report

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DISC For Executives __________________________________

Understanding and adapting to the behavioral preferences of others is critical to leadership.  Executive leaders must understand how to communicate their vision. strategies and action plans to those charged with implementing those plans in
order to create the future you envision.

Great executive coaching tool to enhance performance and communications.
Maintain peak performance and increase your value to your organization.

See Sample Report

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Other Assessment Tools_______________________________

  • Organizational Development Assessments and Other Tools
    to help you generate proactive change. In order to create and implement initiatives for strategic repositioning, as well as the resolution of problems,
    begin by gathering and analyzing pertinent facts.  Critical thinking guided by results-oriented consultation leads to tightly focused, relentless path-forward implementation of required action.


  • Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Surveys                          A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Achievement of your goals depends on the dedicated and enthusiastic support of every associate who touches a project.  Every person in the chain either adds to your success or takes away from it.  These surveys, coupled with corrective actions, will go
    a long way toward insuring that every associate brings the best they have
    to offer to the success of your initiatives.

  • Focus Groups and Other Information Gathering Techniques Information is power and our team is skilled in gathering critical date using
    a variety if effective techniques, including such processes as:           
    - Focus Groups

    -Joint Call Ride-Along

    - Participation/Observer in Meetings
    - Facilitation of Retreats
    - Face-to-Face Interviews
    - Telephone Interviews
    - Email Surveys


To begin changing your business results immediately
using these invaluable assessments and Pro-active
decision-making tools, or for more information,

Contact Us Now


Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,

Sales Consultant, Author.



You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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