"Sales prehire test and consulting that provides a totally unbiased, non-emotional view of every candidate...enabled us to turn our sales force completely around." -  Dennis Gillespie, VP Sales, Lintech International

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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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What's inside top
Sales Performers
that's missing in others?

Their DNA is different.  Years of extensive research
and successful experience recognize this difference
as the
DNA of Sales Success™.


You CAN IDENTIFY this DNA and hire High Producers every time

Hire salespeople who will close more sales

One of the greatest challenges facing sales managers today isn't
finding salespeople who CAN do the job.  That's fairly easy in most cases.

The real challenge is identifying and hiring salespeople who not only can
do the job, but who WILL do the job.  You can determine who these people
are - and eliminate those who are not - by using our exclusive:

Science of Sales Selection

This innovative selection process involves two
crucial steps to identify candidates who fit your
situation, and possess the DNA of Sales Success™. 
These steps are:
 1.  Cutting-Edge Sales Pre-Hire Test
   2.  Sales Selection Consulting

Luck is not enough.  Use Mike Stewart’s sales pre-hire tests and know who you are hiring

You can't afford to count on good luck when you are hiring salespeople!


Step 1

Cutting-Edge Sales Pre-Hire Test

Our exclusive Science of Sales Selection  program is a simple web-based process
that's easy a 1-2-3 and will enable you to:

  1.  Insure that your candidates possess the DNA of Sales Success
  2.  Match your candidates' personality to the ideal characteristics for the position
  3.  Confirm the sales skill knowledge of your candidate

"We used to think our fate was in our stars.  Now we know,
in large measure, our fate is in our genes."
- James Watson, Nobel Laureate

These are the four elements that make up the DNA of Sales Success™.
     •  Intrinsic motivational energy that impels strong sales activity
     •  Sufficient goal-direction to be self-starting
     •  Passionate desire for acquiring money and achieving results
     •  Identification and pursuit of new sales opportunities without making

Sales pre-hire test reveal and match desirable levels of these attributes to your position requirements. You can select blue-chip sales candidates whose behaviors match the sales position, who know and understand the consultative sales process, and who possess the right DNA of Sales Success. These are the candidates who are most likely to become high producers for you.

The Science of Sales Selection
includes the following four assessment instruments.

 1. The SPQ*Gold® Call Reluctance Scale®
     The single characteristic shared by the most successful salespeople is simply
     this:  They initiate contact with prospective buyers in greater numbers than
     those who are not as successful.  SPQ*GOLD
® measures hesitation to initiate
     contact with prospective buyers in sufficient numbers to be successful. 
     Link to see sample report:

Call Reluctance®, SPQ*GOLD®, Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®, Psychscore® are
        registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  2. Workplace Motivators (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values
     Current research in the United States and Europe shows clearly that high
     Performers share one common internal motivator - a strong Utilitarian attitude.
     Statistically, those with strong Utilitarian attitude make lots of sales and those
     without it don't, unless they receive special incentive. 
     Link to see sample report:

 3. Sales Strategy Index (Sales Skills Knowledge)
     Sales ability tests that reveal the sales skill levels of your sales candidates help
     you evaluate interview responses.  For now, hires anticipate their training and
     coaching that will be needed.
     Link to see sample report:

 4. DISC StyleMatch Analysis (DISC for Sales Professionals)
     Salespeople who are highly qualified in every other way still need to fit into
     your culture and relational sales environment in order for you to build a
     strong sales force.
     Link to see sample report:


"Totally unbiased, non-emotional view of every candidate...
enabled us to turn our sales force completely around."
- Dennis Gillespie, VP Sales, Lintech International

Step 2

Debriefing consultation

We help you learn advanced selection techniques that enable you to answer the most important sales selection question shared by the most successful sales managers and human resource professionals in the world:

          What is the difference between salespeople who CAN do
                   the job and those who WILL do the job?

If you are like most sales management and human resource professionals, your former employee files are filled with hiring failures.  People who were unsuccessful, not because they couldn't do the job, but because they CHOSE NOT to do the job.

In order to develop your ability to identify sales candidates who not only CAN do the job, but those who WILL do the job, we offer Consultation in conjunction with the debriefing of the Assessment Instruments.

As a result of the time they spend with Mike Stewart, and in some case with Barbara
Stewart, our Clients acquire sufficient skill to understand and debrief our assessment instruments themselves and apply this knowledge in the selection process. 

This option is selected by virtually every one of our Clients inasmuch as it is offered
concurrently with the delivery of all of our assessment reports.


We offer two workshops that will greatly
enhance your qualifications as a
Sales Selection Professional:

     1.  Hiring High Performance Salespeople and Starting Them Off Right.

     2.  Advance Management Call Reluctance® Accreditation.

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Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author.
Our Associates are highly qualified, as well.


You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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