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In a recent study of 84,000 Salespeople, 90% were found
to have Sales Call Reluctance
strong enough to seriously
impair their prospecting.


Stop sales Call Reluctance® and close more sales

Mike Stewart is a leading authority in diagnosing
and overcoming Sales Call Reluctance
in order to close more sales.

What is Sales Call Reluctance®?

It is the hesitation of salespeople to initiate contact on a consistent basis
with prospective Buyers in sufficient numbers to make their quotas and
earn what they're worth.

Sales Call Reluctance® Kills Sales and Kills Sales Careers!

Why do many salespeople who want desperately to
succeed fail to produce the volume of sales they are
capable of?  There is something stronger than their     
desire for success.  It prevents them from using the
skills they have worked hard to develop.  It is fear. 
This type of fear has a name, and its name is
Sales Call Reluctance®.
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Sales Call Reluctance® prevents well-trained salespeople who believe strongly in their product and are deeply loyal to their company from being really successful.  Instead of calling on qualified prospects with high potential, they substitute "safe" calls or other activities that allow them to stay in their comfort zones.  You will find them in their office instead of in the field, making excuses instead of making calls.

Sales Call Reluctance® may be killing your sales performance, and killing your career potential in the process. 

If your sales are not representative of the potential in your territory,
Sales Call Reluctance® may be the problem.  It causes -

     •  Unacceptable sales performance.
     •  Thin revenue streams.
     •  High turnover.
     •  Lack of confidence.
     •  Poor self-image.
     •  Low morale.

Do you see these symptoms of Sales Call Reluctance®?

  Blaming others or job requirements for not prospecting.
     •  Complaining to divert attention from sales responsibilities.
     •  Whining to get sympathy and create guilt.
     •  Spending time and effort on "safe" activities instead of sales-producing
     •  Making excuses instead of making productive calls.
     •  On the computer instead of prospecting on the telephone.
     •  Staying in the office instead of getting into the field.


The good news about Sales Call Reluctance® is -

     1.  You can correct it through
diagnosis and training.

2.  You can avoid hiring people who have it through testing.


Are your salespeople making excuses instead of prospecting?

If they are, their behaviors are keeping you from achieving the success you deserve.

To make quota and exceed your sales budget, your salespeople must initiate contact with prospective
buyers in sufficient numbers to be successful.  In
short, they must prospect.

Not Enough
Prospects in Your Pipeline?



"The single characteristic shared by the most successful
salespeople is simple this - they initiate contact
with more prospective buyers than those
who are not as successful."

                               - George Dudley, Behavioral Scientist
                                          Behavioral Sciences Research Press




The Twelve Types of Sales Call Reluctance

This problem is not just to overcome cold Call Reluctance®.
It is not just one thing.  It takes twelve known forms.


The following chart provides a concise, preliminary overview of the twelve types of Call Reluctance® along with a key characteristic associated with each.  How many of these do you see in your salespeople?


Call Reluctance® Types

"Marker" Behaviors

          Doomsayer Worries, will not take social risks
          Over-Preparer Over-analyzes, under-acts
          Hyper-Pro Obsessed with image and creditability
          Stage Fright Fears group presentations
          Role Rejection Ashamed of sales career
          Yielder Fear of intruding on others
          Social Self-Consciousness Intimidated by up-market clientele
          Separationists Fears loss of friends
          Emotionally Unemancipated Fears loss of family approval
          Referral Aversion Fears disturbing client relationships
          Telephobia Fears using the telephone for prospecting
          Oppositional Reflex Rebuffs attempts to be coached


You can identify the presence and severity of Call Reluctance®

in your sales force with this cutting edge Sales Assessment:

 SPQ*GOLD®Call Reluctance Scale Report®

The SPQ*GOLD® Call Reluctance Scale® consists of three Reports that aid in the application of this assessment.  Please click on each of the following links to view the reports.

SPQ*GOLD® Sample Report
SPQ*GOLD® Sample Assist Report
SPQ*GOLD® Sample Graphical Summary Report


"Totally unbiased, non-emotional view of every candidate...
enabled us to turn our sales force completely around."

                              - Dennis Gillespie, Vice President of Sales
      Lintech International


This Report will enable you to:


     1.  Correct the sales behaviors and activities of your present salespeople.

     2.  Select candidates who are most likely to consistently initiate contact with
          prospective buyers in sufficient numbers to be successful, and eliminate those
          who are not as likely to do so.


Hire candidates who will make sales calls instead of making excuses. 
Also, correct the prospecting behaviors of your current salespeople.




Selection of New Sales Candidates

It is relatively easy to find salespeople who can do the job. 
The challenge is finding salespeople who will do the job.

To learn more about hiring top sales producers:

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 Correction of Current Salespeople

Fear-Free Prospecting and 
  Self-Promotion Workshop

This is the only program in the world designed exclusively to help salespeople  overcome cold call reluctance and the fear of all types of prospecting.  This program is based entirely on more than 25 years of mainstream psychological research into the Science of Selling and will help your sales team make more sales calls and sell more new business.


To learn more about the Fear-Free Prospecting

and Self-Promotion Workshop®:
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To find out when and where
our next workshop is scheduled:

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Call Reluctance®, SPQ*GOLD®, Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®, Psychscore® are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales consultant, Author
Our Associates are highly qualified, as well.


You Can Absolutely Do A Better Job of Growing Your Business,
Increasing Your Income, and Improving Your
Job Satisfaction and Your Life!

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