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"Whether you're
new in sales or a seasoned veteran, this book is
  a treasure
The Midwest Book Club

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Print Books:

Close More Sales!
By Mike Stewart
Most salespeople don’t like
to be told how to sell or, especially, to be given a ‘model’ or ‘system’ to follow. This book teaches proven principles, not rules and regulations. It is written in language people understand and appreciate. Read more

The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance® By George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson - brought to you by Mike Stewart Seminars an Sales Dynamics

The Psychology of
Sales Call Reluctance
By George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson
The ‘Bible’ of Call Reluctance
® explains what it is and isn’t and where it comes from, describes the 12 forms and covers the scientifically proven countermeasures that enable salespeople to overcome it and earn what they’re worth.
Read more



The Universal Language
DISC Reference Manual
By Bill J. Bonnstetter
and Judy I. Suiter

The Universal Language
is the most
complete reference
pertaining to the DISC
language on the market
today!  This hard-cover
manual contains over 287
pages of useful information
on behavioral styles, the
DISC language and assists
in the under-standing of
how behavior plays out in human interaction.

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Reach for the Stars
Twenty outstanding trainers, speakers, and consultants share their success secrets so you can soar! Chapters on, Leading by Example, Self Esteem, Communications, Finding Fulfillment in your Work, Networking, and sales secrets that lead to success.
Read more


Hiring Top Performers
By Carol Hacker
350 sample interview questions in eight categories to help you make sound and defensible hiring decisions. Offers practical guidance to hiring managers at all levels. Enables you to quickly compare one candidate against another.
Read more



Time Tactics Of Very Successful People
By B. Eugene Griessman
A new approach to time management focusing on
how highly successful
people get their work done without sacrificing the life
they live.
Read more

Never Beat The Boss At Horseshoes
By Roy Lantz
Life is a lot like horseshoes - it's a whole lot more fun when you're doing what it takes to win.  In horseshoes, that's throwing ringers, and this book will help you throw ringer after ringer in the game of life.  Whether you're the state champ or have never picked up a horseshoe, you'll learn to approach the game of life from a whole new perspective.
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Find It In Five Seconds
By Greg Vetter
Find It In Five Seconds will rescue you from drowning in chaos and confusion with its simple, 15 year proven, step-by-step organizational system.  Easy to understand, filled with over a hundred helpful diagrams, and written with a sense of humor rarely found in business books.  Find It In Five Seconds will keep you afloat and on course as you navigate through the vast sea of e-mails, paper and information you face every day.
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Chicken Soup for the
Soul at Work

"Staying Motivated!"

By Mike Stewart
Salespeople can increase
their motivation during pre-
call planning by using
positive self programming.


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"Sales success is a never-ending process
of learning and application."

- Mike Stewart, CSP  

Learn more to earn more! Find out what thousands of readers have discovered about achieving success through the application of proven principles, sales skills, and powerful motivation.


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Mike Stewart is a Certified Speaking Professional and Registered Corporate Coach.
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